How Rain on Your Wedding Cannot Ruin The Day

When the bride, J, reached out to me, I was immediately excited about their intimate, almost elopement style wedding. They wanted creative photography to match their non-traditional day and I definitely wanted to deliver some out-of-the-box stuff. We had a bit of an ambitious plan even though it was a short wedding. The idea was to cover prep in Deal, head over to Aberdeen House in Ramsgate for the ceremony while making a quick stop at the Deal Pier and then take couples photos in a few places in Ramsgate after the official bits were done. And then of course there was a small surprise for later....

Well the day comes around and we're faced with a bit of a shitty albeit very British reality - it is pouring down like there's no tomorrow. I was worried that this might happen and normally I have a clear umbrella in my car for just that, but the night before I just could not find it. So I go on Facebook marketplace, drive around shops in town and end up with 5 umbrellas. So future about-to-be-weds, I got you!

Bride Putting On White Doc Martens

Absolutely loving the white Docs this alternative bride is rocking

Groom Adjusting Tie in The Mirror

Groom making sure he's ready for the big day

Getting ready in Deal

We've been running a little bit behind on hair and makeup (happens all the time, that's just one of those things you gotta plan for!). But it was a short coverage and we still needed to get to Ramsgate in time for the ceremony, so I was getting a little anxious of fitting in the first look and trip to the pier beforehand.

But we made it! And fortunately we had a bit of a break in the rain for G to see his gorgeous wife-to-be for the first time.

First Look Deal Kent Wedding Photography

Just moments before the groom sees his bride for the first time

Black and White Groom seeing Bride for the first time Deal Kent Wedding Photography

Groom smiling at his beautiful bride

Couple in Wedding Attire Kissing Under Clear Umbrella Kent Wedding Photography

Pulling out the umbrella when it starts raining again

Witnesses Carrying Bouquet Champagne Bottle Deal Wedding Photography

Friends/witnesses getting excited for the road

Bride Getting into Car with Dried Flowers Bouquet in Deal

Bride getting into a car with her stunning Amarante London bouquet

Pit stop at Deal Pier

Couple in Wedding Attire Embracing Each other in front of Deal Pier in Kent with the veil blowing in the wind

Sky is grey, wind is blowing, but the stunning couple poses in front of the Deal Pier

Hazy Couple in Wedding Attire Walking in Front of Deal Pier in Kent Creative Wedding Photography

Absolutely love getting a few "vintage" shots

Black and White Wedding Photograph of Couple Kissing in Front of Deal Pier in Kent

Heartstopping kiss at the Deal Pier in Black and White

Black and White Photograph of Couple in Wedding Attire Walking with Deal Pier in the background

Running ahead of the couple as they're rushing back to the car so we can get to the ceremony

Ceremony at Aberdeen House in Ramsgate

Even though it was quite the military operation to squeeze in all the morning bits, we made it on time to the registry office and both the bride & groom were eager with anticipation to tie the knot legally and celebrate their union. You are typically required to have witnesses, so J & G had their two friends be part of their day while still keeping it small and intimate.

Wedding Couple Holding Hands at Aberdeen House in Ramsgate Kent
Black and White photo of Bride wearing a veil peaking through a window at Aberdeen House in Ramsgate
Bridesmaid Adjusting Veil at Aberdeen House, Bride is holding autumnal dried flowers bouqet
Black and White Photo of Witnesses at Aberdeen House in Ramsgate
Wedding ceremony at Aberdeen House, the registry office in Ramsgate
Wooden box with wedding rings saying Mr and Mrs

Tying the knot!

Aberdeen House is quite a lovely small venue for legal ceremonies and everything went smoothly, without a hitch. The newlyweds were eager to get some photos taken in the park nearby and on the Ramsgate beach, so on we went!

Bride putting wedding ring on groom's finger at Aberdeen House in Ramsgate
Group Photo of Bride, Groom and witnesses in front of Aberdeen House in Ramsgate

Aberdeen House in Ramsgate being the cutest venue for a small cosy wedding. Bouqets and boutonnieres by Amarante London.

Black and White Photo of Couple in Wedding Attire Walking across the street in Ramsgate, Kent
Autumn Wedding Photography of couple at Ellington Park in Ramsgate

Ramsgate Beach

At this point it's started to drizzle properly and the wind made it extra chilly. That made us hurry up a bit, but the photos turned out to be absolutely gorgeous (in my very not humble opinion).

Photograph from above of Newlywed Couple Kissing at Ramsgate Beach
Autumn Wedding Couple embracing at Ramsgate Beach under umbrella with the veil blown in the wind
Newlywed Couple Smiling at each other at the Ramsgate Beach
Couple Kissing Under Clear Umbrella at Ramsgate Beach in the Rain
Groom Holding Bride's Chin up and kissing noses in Ramsgate

Secret send-off in Dover

And that was going to be the end of it, but did you really think I could just let these two go without a fuss?

J&G had planned to go on their honeymoon to France and later that day after they'd warmed up and had their celebratory drinks, I met them at the train station in Dover to send them out with a bang. And boy was it worth it!!!

Newlywed Couple Waiting On Platform at Dover Priory Train station under White Umbrella
Couple in Wedding Attire sitting at Train Platform at Dover Priory
Long Exposure Photograph of Couple in Wedding Attire with a suitcase at the Dover Priory station as train arrives

Giving the happy couple a send-off at the train station