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Nastia Nizalova, Dover UK

Can you guess which fact is false?

Woman with camera in field

I’ve lived in 5 different countries.

I didn’t have photos taken on my wedding.

I have never been a dog person.

I’m neurodivergent AF.

I speak 4 languages, but can swear in many more.

I’ve always wanted to be a photographer.

Can drink coffee before bed.

Creating a queer-friendly, inclusive, accessible business is my priority.

Pasta is my comfort food.

I’ve watched (nearly) every single crime series there is.

My dogs turned me into a dog person, so that's not the lie =P

The truth is I never thought I’d be a photographer when I grew up. I wanted to be many things: a biologist, a detective, a classical pianist and singer, a museum curator or youth worker… but I always was doing something creative! Whether that was with my camera (well my mom's at first) or other mediums. I should have known when I ended up with a BA in Arts and Culture that being an artist is definitely my calling.

Born in Ukraine and having grown up in the US and the UK, I learned to celebrate cultural differences and the intrinsic beauty in every single person no matter where they're from, what language they speak, or who they love. I carry that with me in my daily and professional life, striving to make everyone as comfortable as humanly possible in order to let them shine.

Woman at Dover beach with Dover Castle

As an adult, I’ve lived in the Netherlands and Georgia, before settling back in the UK, in Dover of all places! I absolutely love it here. All this moving around taught me something else very important. I've had a camera on me since I was a kid and haven't put it down since. It was a way to remember my family, my friends no matter where I was heading next. And of course to capture the beauty of each place I went to. I just didn’t know that one day it would go from passion to career!

me in my natural habitat

This was the hardest page for me to fill in as I'm mostly in an unflattering pose trying to get the shot...

Couple with Photographer at White Cliffs
In-situ Camera pose with Photographer
In-situ Couples engagement at white cliffs
In-situ Camera pose with female photographer
In-situ Photographer at Charity Event


Here are some dream shoots i'd love to do.

if yours is one of them, let me know for a 10% discount

Traditional Ukrainian wedding

Eco-friendly wedding or event

Steampunk wedding

Halloween event


Fun fair event or wedding

Did you really think I'd not have a single dog photo on here??

Say hello to...

NNastia Photography Rescue Dog Georgia Landscape Tbilisi


NNastia Photography German Shepherd Dog


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